Text notation switcher
Notationer is a tool to switch across (code) notations, like camelCase, PascalCase, snake-case


What is Notationer?

It is a web application that converts acros varius notations (naming convntions), e.g. from camelCase to PascalCase.

Features & advantages

  • Online conversion: Choose which notation to which you want to convert
  • Free:Even registration is not required
  • Web app:no download is required

Use cases

  • Software development: When there is a need to convert a variable or a method name
  • System administration: Configuring a system where an object name is required and a specific notation is appropriate


  • Software devolopers: Who needs to include code members in a correct notation
  • Sysadmins: Who needs to use a specific notation in their systems
  • Webmasters: Who needs to use a specific notation in their code, e.g. CSS variables

Company behind

Notationer is operated from Prague by Glueo, s.r.o., a Prague based software development company, operating its own online services like Notationer as well as providing custom software development.